Swim Center Clearview Aquarium Blow Up Pool
- $19.99

Swim Center Clearview Aquarium Blow Up Pool


This inflatable pool is 62.5” x 62.5” x 19.5”. The pool has only one inflation area, making it quick and easy to inflate with an air compressor or air pump. The sides feature colorful fish to provide a stimulating pool for toddlers.

Ideal Use

This pool allows plenty of room for up to 5 children, as well as allowing adults to get in with the children for added safety. This pool is not designed for actual swimming, but it does provide plenty of room for sitting and splashing depending on the ages. The pool is recommended for children over the age of three, but can be used by younger children when adults are in the pool with them. This pool can be used for outdoor play, or indoors as a ball pit or water birth setup. It also works great for small dogs, providing care is taken to avoid damage from claws.

Ease of Use

This pool is easy to set up due to a single inflation chamber. The added drain plug allows for fast and easy emptying when playtime is over.


This pool does not come with any additional attachments, as it is a simple, inflatable design. An air pump is recommended for ease in blowing up due to the large size. When using the pool for indoor use as a play area, users can purchase soft plastic balls to create a ball pit for children’s play areas.


This pool is very inexpensive, while still providing a durable pool for multiple uses. The plastic material is sturdy, helping to ensure that the pool remains somewhat rigid if inflated to the proper levels.

Customer Feedback

This pool is large enough for multiple children and 1-2 adults depending on size. It is considerably deeper than other kiddie pools, with depths reaching up to approximately 24”. This means that small children will have difficulty entering and exiting the pool without adult assistance if you want to avoid water loss.

The single air chamber makes this pool quick and easy to inflate, and the reverse air valve helps with cleanup. When using a battery or electric powered pump or compressor, the pool can be inflated very quickly. There is also a drain plug included, which allows for faster emptying than those that do not have plugs.

This Intex pool also works well as an indoor ball pit, but its size will require up to 600 balls depending on how full you want the pit to be. The large size allows plenty of room for adults to get in with the children during play, making it a great option for interactive play.

This pool, like most inflatable options, will lose air as it sits, especially when filled with water. Most users found this easy to deal with, especially given the cheap price. Most users are able to get more than one season’s use out of this item when using it for water play. Those who choose to use it as a ball pit have found that the durability is great, even with rough jumping and playing.

There are some customers who had issues with leaks upon taking it out of the packaging. For best results, it is a good idea to thoroughly look over the product prior to inflation to check for any manufacturing deflects. For those who did develop holes or tears, the included patching kit was easy to use, and provided lasting results.

Overall, this pool is a great option that provides a versatile play option for indoor and outdoor use at a great price.

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