Intex Easy Round Pool Set
- $59.99

Intex Easy Round Pool Set


This medium sized pool (12 foot by 30 inches) is perfect for a young family or for the first time pool buyer. A soft-sided pool, its round shape is held up by the water. The inflatable top ring gives a soft cushion top and allows for easy access into the pool.   Use of the included pool filter will keep the water sparkling clean and clear. The pool will accommodate up to eight children or six adults comfortably.

Ideal Use

The smaller size of this pool is perfect for smaller children or for kids and adults who simply want to relax in a cool pool. The pool has approximately 24” inches of water when completely filled, so it is most suitable for children ages 3 – 8. Adults who enjoy relaxing in a cool pool will enjoy this addition to their backyard and can comfortably fit six adults. It should be set up outdoors on a flat, level surface.

Ease of use

A moderate amount of prep work is required before setting up the pool. The proposed location must be level and free of debris including roots, rocks and other things that may damage the pool or cause the pool to be off balance. In addition, the pool is not cushioned on the bottom, so it is advised to put a ground cover down to prevent the growth of weeds and provide extra padding. After preparing the area, the pool can be completely water ready in about 10 minutes – leaving only the amount of time it should take to fill with water. When you take the pool out of the box, the pool must be laid out to ensure that the bottom is fully extended the entire 12 foot diameter. A pool that is not on level ground will slope, causing the water to push the pool out of shape, or cause the water to run out one side. The pool depth is affected by a sloped surface as well. Inflate the top ring, insert a hose and get ready for pool fun.


The pool comes with a pump/water filter. There are additional items that can be purchased to accessorize the pool. A solar heater cover is recommended and is available for purchase on Amazon. A ladder, while not necessary, may be helpful, especially for families with younger children, or adults who don’t want to bother with hoisting themselves over the side. No pool is complete without the addition of a few pool floats, a couple of pool games like basketball and diving rings, and the more modern pool lover may enjoy the addition of a floating Bluetooth speaker. The pool does not come with chemicals or cleaners, but these can be purchased for longer use and enjoyment of the pool.


With a low-range price tag, this pool is affordably priced at under $100. For this price, one could consider it a ‘one season’ pool and simply replace it every year – not bothering to deal with cleaning, dismantling and storing. For those who want to continue to use the pool, it is reasonably durable and should give you several seasons of pool use with proper maintenance and care.

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are mixed, with an overall positive response for the pool. The predominant complaints seem to be from users who failed to follow the set-up directions. Problems with sloping sides, misshapen circles and tears or rips in the base due to debris are all easily avoided by completely reading the setup instructions before beginning to set up the pool. Other complaints included poor performance from the pump and the tendency of the top ring to get leaks. Doing your homework before purchasing the pool seems to be the most important thing to consider, as most people who knew what to expect before purchasing the pool had positive reviews and were quite happy with their purchase.

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