Swimming Aids – Water Wings, Pool Noodles & More

Summer is the season for swimming. This activity is immensely enjoyed by both children and adults. There are those who love spending time at the beach, hearing the sound of the rolling waves, and feeling the cool sea breeze. Yet, there are those who cannot afford to spend the whole stretch of two months basking in the sun, sand, and salty water of the nearest beach. Some would have to be contented with taking their summer dips in a swimming pool. For a lot of families with smaller children, the most practical way to enjoy summer is to have their own blow up pool. This allows them to be confident that their children will be safe while swimming. With all the swimming aids like water wings, pool noodles and other foam pool floats, swimming in a blow up pool does not have to be less enjoyable.

A lot of accidents can happen when kids are swimming. They are usually more prone to swimming accidents than grown-ups for the simple reason that they do not have the necessary swimming skills yet. What parents usually do is to put their children in a shallow pool of water. In this case, the depth of the water does not allow the kids to swim at all. Bigger blow up pools are better and give the illusion of being in an actual in-ground pool.

Fortunately, there are pool items that can help with the safety and precaution of kids. Water wings, pool noodles, and swim rings are swimming aids that children will find easy to use. These are plastic inflatable items that can float on water when filled with air.

Water Wings – Inflatable armbands

Water Wings

Water wings are inflatable ring bands worn on the shoulders or upper arms. This position easily supports most of the weight of the wearer against the pull of the density in the water. With this, the child’s head and neck are above the water line.The air capacity of these aids gives enough buoyancy to keep the wearer afloat as well.

Inflatable arm bands are inexpensive and easy to find.The material which the water wings are made of is durable and not easily punctured.These are made in general sizes, enough to fit into a regular-sized kid. If the water wings are too big, it can easily slip out of the child’s arms. It is essential to find the correct size. It is important to remember that these swimming aids do not guarantee accident prevention. You cannot leave your children in the pool without adult supervision.

Pool Noodles – Foam Pool Floats

Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are another type of foam pool floats. Pool noodles are hollow cylindrical items made of polyethylene foam. These are used by kids and adults alike when swimming. It can be a floating device, although the weight it can keep afloat is slightly lighter than those of water wings. It is mostly used for swimming lessons because it helps people use their arms and legs for swimming. Most people use this accessory for water games. It has a more recreational side to it. Synchronized swimmers and water fitness trainers sometimes make use of the pool noodle in their routines. Some lifeguards also use it for rescue. It can help keep you afloat, but you have to work with it by using your legs to kick and keep yourself above the water’s surface.

Swim Rings Also Known As Rubber Rings

Swim Ring

Swim rings are the universal pool accessory. Swim rings are big enough to fit people of all ages and the amount of air it can carry is significantly more than other floating devices. Swim rings can easily keep both children and adults afloat. All the wearer has to do is to lean on the top surface of the swim ring, using it as a support for the weight. The buoyancy presses against the density of the water, but since more air capacity is required, swim rings can keep most of the upper part of your body afloat.

Aside from being a safety measure, water wings, pool noodles, and other inflatable items could also be tools used in learning how to swim. Even though there is much promise in these floatation devices, it cannot save lives or decrease drowning statistics. People should be extra careful in areas with pools, lakes and beaches. Summer is enjoyed by everyone, but the real happiness in the season is spending it with special people without any accidents.

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