Essentials of a Blow Up Pool

Pool parties in the summer and hot days are fun, especially for kids who want something other than riding their bicycle around the neighborhood or playing with their toys. However, it can be a bit of a hassle to go to a beach or resort where there are a lot of people. Community pools are mostly crowded and private pools can be a bit expensive.

However, there’s still a way to enjoy swimming without the hassle of crowds or expensive fees. Blow up pools are more affordable and convenient for people who just want to enjoy lounging in a pool in their backyard. It’s a great idea for families who can’t afford to maintain a pool or families who do not have enough space for a big pool.

Blow up pools come in different shapes an sizes. Families can choose which one will fit in their yard and which one is big enough for them to enjoy. There are kiddie blow up pools and those that are big and deep enough for adults to enjoy.

Blow up pools are easy to maintain and use, as long as one has the right tools and essential equipments. It’s also easier to maintain and clean compared to swimming pools. Here’s a list of essential tools and materials in maintaining a blow up pool.

Pool Pumps

One of the most important tools in maintaining a blow up pool are pool pumps. There are several types of pool pumps that one can use to pump air into the blow up pool like Intex pool pumps, leaf blower, vacuum or bicycle pump. Intex pool pumps come in different varieties such as electric powered or battery powered. These specialized pumps are simply connected to the air duct of the blow up pool and then air is pumped into the pool.

Those who don’t have Intex pool pumps can improvise by using a leaf blower, vacuum, or bicycle pump. A vacuum cleaner with a reverse switch or an exhaust is one of the best alternatives to a pool pump. In case there’s no vacuum cleaner with reverse switch available, other alternatives can be used. When using a bicycle pump, leaf blower and even a hair blower, take a funnel and attach it to the hose. For the hair blower, put the air setting in the cool level to prevent pumping heated air to the blow up pool. Secure the funnel with duct tape and connect it to the air duct of the blow up pool. Then, start pumping air into it.

Pool Covers / Mats

Aside from Intex pool pumps, pool covers are also needed to maintain blow up pools that are kept blown up instead of put into storage. There are two types of pool covers, one for covering the ground and the other one for covering the pool. The ground cover is intended to protect the underside of the pools from sharp objects such as pebbles, stones and thorns that may damage the pool. Choose aground cover that is big enough for the pool and thick enough to prevent objects from piercing or damaging the pool.

The pool cover is used to keep the water in the pool clean when not in use. This is essential when one intends to use the blow up pool for a couple of days without draining the water and repumping air into the blow up pool. A pool cover can be made of tarp, synthetic fabric or plastic covers. It also comes in different shapes and sizes to cover different types of pools.

Pool Net / Skimmer

Handheld skimmer nets or fishing nets are also needed to keep the pool clean and free of particles. It is intended to remove dirt, debris, and toys from the pool. Use this to clean the water after using the pool.

Keeping water clean and bacteria free

Pool sanitizers or bleach is also needed to keep the water of the pool clean and free from harmful bacterias. Bleach can also be used in sanitizing the pool water. Pour the suggested amount of bleach or pool sanitizer in the water after using the pool.

Maintaining a blow up pool is easier than people might think as long as they have the right tools and equipment. With this kind of pool right in your own backyard, you do not have to make plans to go to the local swimming pool for a quick refreshing dip.

Pool Access

Sometimes access to a blow up pool is easy as stepping over the side, however it is important to note who may use the pool. Children and toddlers love to play in an outdoor pool and having the right kind of access into the pool is important, specifically in relation to health and safety. Even though you have easy access to the pool others may not that, is one of the biggest thinking factors you must imply when having pool parties – the guest of the party.

Pool ladders and steps can be bought for larger pools and sometimes small ones, or even some pools may have an attached inflatable step for easy access. Access is really an essential to any blow up pool as it is the highest cause of injuries! Check out our article on safety for more information : Safety of blow up pools

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