Baby Pools – First Swimming Experiences

baby pools for babies first swimming experiences

Your baby’s first swimming trip can be a great source of excitement for the entire family. The whole trip, however, is also bound to be punctuated with a few stressful events. The time spent in the car going to the nearest beach might already prove to be a handful. When you get to the beach, you are not likely to just let your little one crawl his way to the water. You will spend a few minutes playing in the sand and splish-splashing in shallow waters. After the picture-taking to document your baby’s first time at the beach, you are likely to find yourself heading for the kiddie pools where you and your baby do not have to deal with strong waves. Truth be told, the only purpose for these outings is to take cute pictures to show off to your friends and relatives. You can have as much fun with your baby in a blow up baby pool right in your own backyard.

Where to purchase your baby pool?

Blow up pools can easily be purchased in malls, outlets and online shops. Simply check out our blow up pool reviews here or our shop section to get our recommendations. They also have a variety of accessories and safety items for baby pools. You can check out the different baby pool floats and toddler pool toys. They have different kinds of blow up pools for babies as young as 6 months old. Baby pools come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the age of the children. These are portable pools that can be blown up to the proper size to hold water, much like a regular-sized pool.

Factors to keep in mind


When you go out and buy a baby pool, however, there are certain things you have to keep in mind. The pool that you buy should be safe for your baby to use. They should, therefore, be free of any toxic substances. The same goes for your baby pool floats and other swimming aids. Ask around for more information about the brands that have been approved by consumer bureaus. Ask the sales people for more information about what you are buying.


Responsible parents should know the correct size of toddler pool to buy for their little tot. Blow up pools for babies should only be big enough for one toddler. The edges shouldn’t be very high. Keep the water at waist level while the baby is sitting. The floor of the pool should not be slippery, even with water on it. There are types with inflatable floors that make it uneven. This can prevent slipping.

Depth of Water

The general depth of water for pools for toddlers is 6 inches. It may vary, depending on the height of the baby. Make sure that the water level is at the minimum – just enough for your toddler to splash about. Keep most of his body out of the water.To prevent the baby from getting antsy and restless, give him a few toddler pool floats and toys to keep him preoccupied.

Keeping them Entertained

Some blow up pools have built-in toys and items made especially for toddlers. Among the common pool items are soft water sprinklers, blow up animal toys, water slides, and rubber toys. Just make sure that the pieces of toy sets are not small enough to be swallowed by the child. Keep toys at big pieces, without the detachable items.These accessories can entertain the toddler while staying in the blow up pool.

Aside from avoiding tantrums and boredom, it can also prevent the child from moving too much inside the pool. He can slip while moving, and land on the pool floor face down.To avoid more accidents, keep the kid entertained.

Another option for water fun is the blow up water sprinkler set. It can be placed in any part of the backyard to spray water at a good diameter. You and your toddler can play with the water from the sprinklers and run under the gentle sprays.

Even though the pools and water systems are conveniently and safely situated in your own homes, accidents can still occur. It is best to accompany your child inside the pool, especially kids under two years of age. Statistics say that drowning accidents happen often to kids between ages 1 to 4 and is possible in just 2 inches of water. One parent should accompany the child inside the pool and one parent should survey the scene. Both chaperones must be alert and smart at all times.

The key is to see your child happy and enjoying himself. Keep in mind that preventing accidents and using safety measures can keep the smile on his face longer.

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