Kiddie Pools – Fun For The Kids

Although fun and exciting, vacations and getaways cost money. You’d need to spend a good deal of cash just to fund a weekend at a decent beach with your spouse and two or three kids. Extra costs such as gas, food and emergency items may completely wipe out your savings account. However, there is a pretty good alternative that can save up money and keep the family happy at the same time.

The blow up kiddie pool was launched back in the time when the inflatable beach ball made its appearance. In 1938, Jonathon DeLonge invented the first design of the beach ball. Originally, it was made in the size of a human hand. Eventually, beach balls grew bigger and then the innovation for other inflatable items came to the picture.

Nowadays, blow up kiddie pools can be found anywhere. Toy stores and outlets offer different kinds of inflatables, such as pool games for kids, kiddie pools and pool aids. Some can hold the entire family and are sized as big as basketball half courts. Humbler ones can hold five or six kids at the most, with enough space for playing games and having a good time.

What size?

The perfect size for kiddie pools is a minimum of fifteen feet in any dimension. Although there is no definite size of a kiddie pool, most blow up pools are built with at least fifteen feet dimensions and can hold 200 to 4,000 gallons of water. Of course, the bigger the pool is, the more water you need to fill it up. Just make sure that the kiddie pool is large enough to fit the number of people you intend to have in the pool at the same time. If you have three kids, get a pool that can hold five to seven kids. The depth of the water should not be deeper than 3 feet. Have the kiddie pool set installed by an expert.

Clean it before use

Clean the kiddie pool first before using it. Even though it is brand new, it never hurts to clean it beforehand. Get a brush with thick bristles and scrub the set with laundry soap. Make sure to rinse it properly. Fill in with water at just the right amount and have the kids change into proper swimming outfits. This prevents new germs from getting into the pool. Let the kids enjoy the pool but keep a good eye on them at all times.

Obtain or play some pool games for kids

Engage the children into pool games for kids such as water relays, beach ball tosses or water rings. Don’t let the games get too rough as some kids might get hurt. If the games get a little too rough, control the goings-on. Rough-housing can lead to more accidents and fights. Remember that while playing in kiddie pools should be fun, it should also be safe. Another safety reminder is to keep smaller babies out of the pool when the bigger kids are playing.

Put some rules into place

Set a few rules for the usage of kiddie pools. Do not allow sick children to use the pool. Bacteria from illnesses can spread in water. Have the children shower before stepping into the pool. During pool time, remind the kids to avoid swallowing pool water. Tap water is usually used to fill up kiddie pools and it might not be safe for drinking. Advise the children to be in proper swimming attire while in the kiddie pool. After playing, drain the water from the pool since stagnant water is a good nest for mosquitoes and other insects. Regularly clean the inside of the rubber pool. Leave it out to dry under the sun.

Ensure safety at all times

Even though the water is no deeper than 3 feet, drowning may still occur. You might think that the blow up pool is safer because it is right in your backyard. You cannot be too complacent. Your kids can wander off by themselves and use the pool without your supervision. If you do not want to take down your blow up pool just yet, make sure that it is securely covered so the kids, and pets, will not accidentally fall into the water.

Prevent unwanted mess and dangers

It is best to be ready with all your swimming accessories. Other than the kiddie toys and swimming aids, you need to have your children’s bath towels ready so they can dry off right away after swimming in the kiddie pools and playing pool games for kids. Make sure that they dry their feet before running around. They might slip and slide with wet feet. Let the kids dry off before going inside the house to prevent them from forming puddles and wet streaks inside the house.

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