Intex Oval Frame Inflatable Pool Set
- $359.99

Intex Oval Frame Pool Set


The Intex Oval Frame Set Pool is a rectangular pool that is 18 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 42 inches tall. This pool features an inflatable ring around the top, along with a rust proof metal frame that work together to help the pool hold its shape. This Intex pool will comfortably hold up to 8 people, making it a great option for larger families and entertaining guests. This pool features a drain plug that can have a hose screwed into it, allowing for draining away from certain areas.

Ideal Use

When filled properly, this pool is around 36 inches deep. This depth works well for older children with adult supervision, and does allow adults to have enough room to swim comfortably. While this pool is designed for outdoor use, it could be used inside of an enclosure if there is enough room to accommodate it properly. However, you will need to make sure that you have an appropriate means of emptying nearly 3,000 gallons of water inside the enclosure.

Ease of Use

This pool is rather easy to set up, as the frame and blow up oval help to provide the structure needed. You will need to make sure that you place the pool on completely level ground, preferably with a layer of sand to help even out the pressure it places on the ground beneath it. The instructions recommend two people for setting up the pool, but I was able to get everything set up on my own. The ladder and frame do require some assembly, but they are designed to snap together, so no tools are required.

Cleanup with this pool is relatively easy due to the pump and cover. When you are ready to take it down for the season, you can simply store it in the box it came in, which is approximately 6 feet by 2 feet by 1 foot.


This pool comes with a liner for under the pool, a filter pump, ladder, and pool cover. There are also chlorine dispensers and vacuums available for purchase that can be used with this pool.


This pool is relatively inexpensive considering the size, ease of use, included attachments, and durability. Most users can use this pool over 3 or more seasons depending on the care and environment in which it is used, making it a great by for the price.

Customer Feedback

This Intex pool provides easy setup, care, and storage. The size makes it a great option for adults who are not ready to commit to a permanent pool as it provides plenty of room for swimming and exercise. The pool comes with a filter pump, but many have found that it does not quite work as well as some of the other upgraded options available if the pool receives heavy traffic.

One area that could use some work is the ladder that comes with the pool. The frame is supported by legs that are the same size as the rest of the ladder, and there is no standing area provided at the top. This makes entering and exiting the pool somewhat tricky, especially for larger adults who find that it feels somewhat unsteady. However, children seem to have no issues with instability.

Some people also discovered small leaks along the seams of the pool, but they were easy to patch. It is recommended that you check the pool prior to filling to make sure there are no obvious holes or tears to prevent the need to drain the pool for patching.

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