Intex Paradise Seaside Pool
- $27.99

Intex Paradise Seaside Blow Up Pool


This is a 103” by 63” by 18” oval pool with two inflatable chambers. Each chamber has double air intake valves, and an easy to use exhaust valve for easy deflating. This pool holds 151 gallons of water when filled, and can hold up to four or five toddlers, or two to three older children and adults with plenty of room to splash around.

Ideal Use

This pool is designed for younger children to play in outside. Adults can fit comfortably for lounging, but the depth does not allow for actual swimming. The pool is considerably larger than a traditional kiddie pool, which allows plenty of room for parents to get in with their smaller children.

Toddlers may need assistance getting in and out of the pool, but older children will have no problems stepping over the side, without draining tons of water in the process.

Ease of Use

This pool is easy to inflate with an air compressor or battery powered air pump. The double intake air valves allow for quick inflation, and the reverse flow valves make deflation simple as well. The pool works best on level surfaces, and it is recommended that a tarp, rug, or similar padding be used underneath to protect from punctures, and provide a bit of padding.

The pool only holds 151 gallons of water, which makes filling quick and easy. Cleanup is also simple due to the built in drain plug on the bottom of the pool.


This pool does not include any attachments or extra devices, but the box that it comes in works well for storage. There is also an optional cover than can be purchased to prevent debris when not in use. The relatively small size of this pool generally does not require a filter, but one can be added if desired.


This pool is an excellent price for the quality. The double air chambers seem sturdy, and most purchasers can get multiple uses and seasons when properly stored and taken care of.

Customer Feedback

This pool is the perfect size for multiple young children, yet also allows plenty of room for adults to get in as well. The shallowness of the pool provides a safer swimming experience for younger children, but does not provide enough room for true swimming. The air chambers fill quickly, and with proper care, the pool can be used multiple times on a single fill up.

Several customers experienced issues with the chambers deflating overnight, but were unable to locate any leaks due to holes or tears. It is possible that this was due to the rather tight fit of the air valve closures, which might make it difficult to completely seal after filling.

Overall, this pool provides ample room for children and adults to take advantage of when the summer heat hits. The larger size allows for adults to get in with children, providing a safer experience. The size is not overly tall, which allows for children to get in and out of it easily.

This pool does require an air pump for inflation due to its size. A hand pump can be used, but this will take considerably longer than using a compressor or battery powered option.

The pool also comes with a repair kit in case of tears, rips, or punctures, making it convenient if such a problem develops.

If you are looking for a pool that provides plenty of room for children and adults to splash around in, this pool is a great option. It is easy to use and maintain for the price.

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