Intex Recreation Swim Center Family Blow Up Pool
- $27.99

Intex Recreation Swim Center Family Blow Up Pool


This inflatable pool by Intex holds 14 gallons of water – just the right amount for a few kids to jump in and cool off on a hot summer day. 103″ x 69″ x 22” in size, it fits even the smallest yard and can be used on a patio. Rectangular in size, it can be used by four smaller children, or a combination of an adult and one or two kids. It features a drain plug for easy draining, and a port for the air in each level.

Ideal Use

This pool is primarily designed for use by small children (under 5 years old). While an adult could sit in the pool to cool off, the smaller size of the pool would not accommodate most adults comfortably. If intended to be used as a swimming pool, the pool should be used outdoors. Many customers have enjoyed using the pool indoors as a ball pit and have filled the pool with balls for parties, indoor play and fun. It is not recommended to fill the pool with water indoors, due to the weight of the water and the need to drain it frequently to keep the water clean.

Ease of Use

Preparing the area for the pool is essential. The ground must be smooth and free of debris that could tear the bottom of the pool. In addition, it is recommended that the ground be level. This pool is composed of inflatable sides, so filling the pool with air is a large component of setting the pool up. The use of an air compressor or pump is recommended. Once the pool is inflated, you simply fill the pool with water and you’re ready to enjoy the pool. A conveniently located drain pump at the bottom of the pool is helpful in draining the water to store or clean the pool. Cleaning is easy – once drained the pool can be wiped clean as needed.


The pool comes with no attachments or accessories. Various items are available for purchase if desired. A pool cover is recommended to allow for extended use over several days without needing to change the water. Specially formulated chlorine tablets are available to keep the water sparkling and clean and to extend the life of the pool’s water. A net or skimmer is also available to remove any leaves or grass debris that may enter the pool. No pool is ready without a few pool toys, so some floating animals or squirt guns are always good to have on hand.


At under $25, this pool is affordable and easy to use. It does not seem to have a long use life, but for the price, one season’s worth is still a great value. The materials seem to be the cause of most of the product’s issues and cause some of the reviewers to consider the pool cheaply made.

Customer Feedback

Reviews for this pool are mixed. The negative reviews mainly center on the quality of the pool. Problems with the air plugs popping out of place during use, the pool developing leaks easily and the pool not having a drain plug are the most common customer complaint. Newer versions of the pool seem to have the addition of the drain plug, but several users indicate that the placement of the plug still makes it difficult to use efficiently. Positive reviews indicate that the pool can be easily filled and used for small children who simply want to get wet – and who aren’t looking for any type of actual swimming activity. It’s a soft and convenient container for the water to let kids splash in.

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