Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center
- $44.99

Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center


This pool is a 117” x 76” x 53” inflatable wading pool that has an attached water slide, ring toss game, ball toss and roller game, and a water sprayer. This is a 77-gallon pool that features a drain plug for each side of the play center, as well as large valves on both inflatable rings.

Ideal Use

This pool play center is designed for toddlers. The recommendation is for children ages 3 and over, but with proper adult supervision, this pool can safely be used for children ages 1 and over. The pool is large enough to hold children up to age 7, depending on their size, and can comfortably hold 2 to 3 children at the same time. Older children may be able to use this pool as a way of cooling off, but the games and slide are designed with toddlers in mind.

This is an outdoor use only pool due to the location of the drain plugs, which are on the bottom of each pool compartment.

Ease of Use

This pool is easy to set up, with large holes on both rings of the pools for inflation by pump, and smaller valves for use to inflate by mouth or hand pump. The additional inflatable pieces, which include the slide, rings, and rainbow, are best inflated by mouth to avoid bursting.

The drain plugs and air release valves allow for quick draining and clean up, and it is recommended that the entire play center be allowed to dry completely before storing to avoid the possibility of mold.


This Intex pool comes with a sprayer that easily attaches to your garden hose to spray children while they are in the wading pool. The attached slide leads into a smaller splash pool to provide a bit of cushioning. The rainbow portion of the center includes a ring toss with four inflatable rings, and the slide area includes a ball rolling game that includes six soft, plastic balls that roll into the slide pool.


This play center pool is very reasonably priced given the number of activities included with the play center. The rubber is durable, which may provide more than one season’s use depending on how vigorously children play in the pools.

Customer Feedback

This pool play center provides plenty of activities to keep toddlers cool and entertained when the temperatures soar, including some areas that squeak when squeezed. The wading and slide pools are shallow, allowing children to easily get in and out of them without requiring assistance from adults in most situations. The wading pool is a bit deeper, and this coupled with the slippery bottom can lead to slipping. As long as children are properly monitored at all times, this should not be too much of an issue.

Inflation works best with an air compressor or battery powered or electric pump for the pool portions. Even though there are smaller air valves available, the size of this play center makes mouth inflation impractical.

The location of the drain plugs on the bottom of the pool does require the sides to be raised in order to let the water drain properly. However, most users found it much easier to simply push down on the sides to drain most of the water, and then flip the play center to drain completely.

There are only two issues with this play center: the rainbow is rather floppy, and the rings of the pool do seem to lose air overnight. However, most users did not find this to be too bothersome considering the benefits.

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