Blow up Pool Add-On Ideas

Inflatable pools are common and enjoyable investments for families that spend a lot of time outside, and even individuals. And most of us remember just how enjoyable these pools can be — almost all of us spent a lot of time with them as children — and, when it comes time to invest in one for the kids, often, we like to go all out. This, of course, means we don’t stop when we buy the pool: We need accessories, as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most important add-ons that people like to invest in for their inflatable pools.

Pool Steps and Ladders

Considering most people who use inflatable pools are relatively small, youngsters that they are, it’s often a good idea to invest in pool steps, pool ladders, or some sort of step for it. This way, you’ll be able to ensure anyone coming up to it won’t have to awkwardly slide their legs over the edge of the pool, or risk falling out when they try to exit the pool because they’re too short to get their legs to the ground when they try to step out. So, pool steps and ladders are a great safety investment as well as a nice accessory.

Above ground pool steps are a great way to ensure that people can all enjoy the pool, regardless of height or stature, and ensure everyone will remain safe!

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Another awesome add-on for an inflatable pool is a shower head attachment. These, of course, don’t necessarily end up being used for soapy showers — they’re there just to give you a place to stand under water and enjoy yourself a little more, because, hey, who doesn’t enjoy water falling from the sky when you’re in a pool? You can find shower attachments that run a tube through the water in the pool and up a pole, to which the shower head is attached, and proceeds to pull the water through the shower head and feed it right back into the pool, but from overhead!

These are a whole lot of fun for the kids, and even adults can enjoy themselves standing under them — the water is nice and soothing, really — and they’re relatively inexpensive, to boot.

Inflatable Pool Slides

Now, since you’ve gone and bought an inflatable pool, why not go and buy an inflatable pool slide? There are a variety of such slides available, ranging from relatively small, slip ‘n’ slide style devices that you can set up on a ramp into the pool — and which are a whole ton of fun, by the way — to inflatable slides that attach to the pool itself and are as tall as 8’ or higher. It’s like bringing the water park right into your backyard, and who doesn’t want to have one of those on hand all the time?

You have to remember that setting up an inflatable pool slide takes some time, as does taking it down, so it’s important to make sure you’re willing to go through this trouble every time you use it before you buy one.


Another important accessory is a mat to lie under the pool. These come in all sorts of sizes, but are typically designed with a sort of rubber that allows you to maintain a good grip on the ground, even with bare and wet feet. This is a crucial safety feature, as most injuries that happen around inflatable pools are due to people slipping on the ground, not due to drowning or anything so dramatic as that.

Water Wings and Paddle Boards

These aren’t add-ons for the pool, exactly, but they’re good toys to have around whenever you setup the pool. You never know when the kids are going to need water wings, which are an important safety item, and paddle boards are always a blast for kids, who never seem to grow out of the kicks they get submerging them and shooting them out of the water. Definitely invest in a few of these if you have an inflatable pool, and consider water balls and frisbees as well!

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