Proper Pool Storage is the Best Way to Preserve Your Favorite Summer Past-Time

Making a Splash this Summer

pool storage

Summertime is here and nothing beats cooling off in a pool. Whether you’re providing hours of enjoyment for your toddler, older children or all the kids in the neighborhood or just using it for yourself or your pet for a quick cooling off from the hot summer sun, pools are the perfect respite from the sweltering heat of summer. Here are a few tips on how to increase your pool’s longevity and shelf life.

Increase the Longevity of Your Pool from Season to Season

Equally as important as the pool itself is how you store the pool. Proper pool and pool toy storage are key in preservation for future use. If you’re using a larger pool, a pool cover may be a good option for keeping bugs and small animals out in addition to using it as a safety measure for any children wandering around the pool area unsupervised. Pool covers can be purchased for hybrid or larger pools and are made of canvas or other durable materials for maximum security. Small pools should not be kept with water and should be drained at the end of the day or use.

Reduce Damage with Proper Pool Storage

Covering your pool or storing it also minimizes any damage such as fading, cracking or puncturing that can occur from high winds, rain or other inclement weather, in addition to falling branches from trees. It is also a good idea to store pool toys as well. How many times have you re-purchased balls, sliding boards and other items because they either were swept up by the wind or magically sprouted legs and mysteriously “walked away.” Pool storage along with storing pool toys is also a good preventative measure for theft.

Check Size to Determine Which Method is Best

If you have a small, lightweight pool, simply empty out the water and carry it into your storage area, whether it be a free-standing shed or a room you’ve dedicated in your home for outdoor items. If you have an inflatable pool, depending on the size, you can deflate it, fold it and place it in either a storage bin or another storage area. (This works best with small to medium sized pools). However, if you have a larger pool that requires an air pump and an extended timeframe to inflate, a pool cover is probably the best choice for both convenience as well as pool maintenance and keeping the pool in the best condition possible for future immediate as well as for long-term use.

Make Sure You Don’t Forget the Toys and other Pool Accessories

Pool toys, depending on the size and whether they are inflatable, are best stored in either a durable free standing storage bin or shed, preferably with easy access to the pool so they’re not damaged by dragging them along concrete (the same applies for pools- avoidance of hard or sharp surfaces is key in pool storage preservation.) Also, the less exposure to excessive heat is best with some pools, to avoid fading or in some cases, with plastic pools, melting. (This is also true with pool toys.)

Have Fun this Summer but Remember Protection is Key

Fun in the sun with a pool is the best way to cool off and enjoy all the benefits that come with summer. Whether you’re sitting poolside watching the kids swim or want to use it for yourself as a quick way to unwind and relax after a long day, or if you’re looking for a quick cool off method for your pet, a pool is ideal. Just as you protect yourself from sun exposure and other elements, your pool requires the same type of care and treatment. Be certain to take all precautionary measures to protect your pool from anything that can cause damage to it, from rough weather to theft to roughhousing after hours from unwanted visitors that sometimes come in the form of children or small critters. Also make sure whichever storage units you use, be it a shed or a free-standing bin or a storage room inside your house, are properly covered to maintain and prolong the life of your pool for months, and in some cases, years, to come.

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